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Gripping Beast
SAGA The Ravens Shadow



Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast are proud to announce the forthcoming publication of "The Raven`s Shadow", the second supplement to the SAGA rules system for Dark Age skirmishes. The Raven`s Shadow contains all you need to field four new factions on the battlefields of Viking Age Europe: The Franks Whether your warband is Merovingian, Carolingian or Capetian, the Franks have a highly organised military structure and mounted troops are the key to your success. The Irish Lead your brave tribal warriors against all comers and watch the enemy quail before the might of your champions. The Norse-Gaels Born from the collision of Celtic and Viking cultures, your warband is ready to demonstrate its martial prowess dare your enemies accept your challenge ? The Stratchclyde Welsh Mounted on sturdy ponies, your warband is ready to surround and destroy any who are foolish enough to stand in your way.

Inside Raven`s Shadow you will find descriptions of the four new factions, all the rules you need to muster yourself one of these exciting new warbands (including new Heroes) plus of course a new Battleboard for each of the factions. Each of these new factions presents new and interesting challenges, both to command and to face across the table but, as with everything in SAGA, each of these factions has been extensively play-tested against one another and against the eight already published factions in the rule-book and Northern Fury supplement to ensure that every game will be balanced and challenging.

Also included are new rules for including war-banners in any of your warbands. Each of the new factions will be available in 4 point starter boxes with a full range of supporting blisters. The new factions use existing SAGA dice so there will be no new dice designs.



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